wooooo character development

The top pictures are I think the very first pictures of Lora I ever drew - I’m not sure what kind of style I was going for but it was very simplified and cartoony - and the bottoms are some doodles I did tonight, many years and about 1000 design changes later.

Her ages are 8, when she had the accident that took her eye, and 18 respectively.


This is available over at my Redbubble shop as two separate phone cases! It’s not available as a print yet because I was a dumb shit and forgot to check what print sizes were available before doing the background, but once I fiddle with the dimensions the print should be up. Please give it a look if you are interested in supporting me financially! Or at least reblog if you feel like spreading the word.

Panty Phone Case
Stocking Phone Case

(sorry for the obnoxious watermark but I worked really hard on this and am paranoid about art theft lately)

Do you ever just really miss your best friend

I am successfully converting all my friends

Whoa this is trippy, the sketch for these guys actually got a few notes, usually that doesn’t happen for my OCs. Well in that case, here is a cleaned up version, for those who showed an interest in my original characters.

When compared to the first lineup I did of them like 2 years ago I am impressed with my body type variation. It’s fun to see who has changed the most and who has basically stayed the same. (tw: old as fuck art that should not see the light of day holy shit)

Holy crap I haven’t done a lineup of these characters since like 2010

I spent way too long on this it was only supposed to be a sketch ugghh

playing with new sketch brush

Commission for Mippa! Thank you so much!

commission info here

doodle break between commissions

Sometimes I think up really cute outfits then get sad because I remember I don’t actually own them